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Technology has proven to be a blessing in many ways for those of us who enjoy the privilege of listening to the prophet whenever we want to, but I’m afraid Facebook isn’t one of those blessings.


I wonder how much longer and more often people use Facebook than what they initially anticipated on. We can reason all we want and use it for the most innocent of purposes, but it’s still very time consuming. Time…the one thing that should be so precious to us, for there is less of it than we think. We have all the material, but so little time it seems. Satan makes it his job to keep us busy. (BUSY= Being Under Satan’s Yoke) I can’t help but think this is just another one of his innocent looking schemes.


I’ve never been a fan of it and especially didn’t want any of my old school friends to find me on it, so I was never intending on joining. But, I recently got my visa and passport ready to be able to attend next year’s Still Waters camp. Five days (duration of the camp) is just so short considering the amount of money I will be spending on traveling, and I wanted to try and find a believer or a believing family in Jeffersonville or Louisville where I could visit and sightsee for a few days before and after the camp.


Facebook seemed to be the only logical way of doing so, since I really don’t know anyone here or overseas. As soon as I could find someone I was planning on canceling my page and keeping contact via e-mail. It all kept feeling wrong though, it wasn’t what I expected it to be and nothing worked out either. I became increasingly disappointed to see what people kept themselves busy with, their interests reflected upon who and what they are and I realized I didn’t want to have any part of it, no matter how innocent my intensions. That still small Voice kept tugging- this was not the will of the Lord. I cancelled after a week of joining.


I enjoy spending my time wisely again. Our wonderful Lord deserves all our time, let’s dedicate it to Him! Let’s be cautious not to give Satan a gap.


May the Lord Bless you all!


Love, your sister in Christ.


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Being Under Satan's Yoke

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